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When Panic Attacks is a very helpful book written by David Burns. This summer while I was going through some hard times, I began to develop more intense anxiety issues.  I wanted to avoid going on medication for these issues, so my therapist recommended reading this book.

At first, I thought this was silly. How can reading a boring science book help me fix my problems? It isn’t going to fix my relationship, it isn’t going to make someone love me, and that’s what I thought was causing my problems.

However, anxiety is much deeper. So I started reading the book.

I wasn’t having anxiety attacks because my relationship was falling apart. I was having anxiety attacks because of my fear of being alone. Realizing that fear and working on my issues from there is more of a healthy permanent solution then taking medication because a boy is giving me problems.

In this novel, Burns gives you 40 ways to deal with your anxiety. He can connect with the reader on a personal level. Sometimes I still get overthrown by emotion but now I have skills to deter me from spiraling into an attack that I can’t control, especially in public.

Your anxiety does not control you, you control your anxiety. Sometimes medication is needed and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But give this book a read first!!